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Mainada - Order not received

Sin resolución
Joana presentó la reclamación

I herein announce that on December 28th I have placed an order to Mainada (Spain) with the total amount of 79.85 €, but so far it has not yet been received.
The estimated time of arrival was first mentioned to be a week but more than a month has already passed and nothing was received. I have tried to contact the company in several ways (email, website, WhatsApp), but the answers are always either scarce or late. I have already received some excuses for delays, saying that the truck took longer than expected / the manufacturer got closed. They have always promised that the order would arrive, but keeping failing their promises everytime. I am 7months pregnant and the lack of this article causes a lot of inconvenience for me and my family.
I herein request this delivery to happen quickly. If not, I want the full refund of the amount paid.

I really need a reply from Mainada as soon as possible and a solution to this problem.

Thank you, Joana
21 jun 2021
La reclamación se consideró "Sin Resolución" por falta de actividad
Esta reclamación fue considerada como sin resolución

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