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Cacesa - Lost parcel by cacesa

Sin resolución
Beatriz presentó la reclamación
14 de marzo 2023
To whom it may concern,

I’m contacting you regarding my order DY084838290PT which was kept in Cacesa for inspection. Upon sending all the documenting necessary, my order was supposedly released from my warehouse on 03/03 and that was the last shipping information on the system about the order. Now, when I contact Cacesa’s client support, the only answer that I got from them is that my order has already left the warehouse, they don’t know where it is and considering it “supposedly” has left Cacesa’s installations you don’t have nothing to do with it. However, I’ve already contacted Portugal customs and all the shipping transportations, including the one taking care of this order - CTT Express, and they are informing me that my order has not even entered Portugal yet, which means it is still in Spain.
I demand to have an answer from you still this week regarding where my package is! Otherwise, I will go to the competent authorities to place a reclamation about you.
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Fecha de incidencia: 17 de febrero 2023
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