Parque Warner
Parque Warner
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Parque Warner - Parque avariado

Sin resolución
Eduarda presentó la reclamación
15 de julio 2023
We are here in the park, which we paid the entrance fee for 2 people. We stayed 2 hours to go on the first roller coaster which broke several times. We gave up and went on another roller coaster. Wed also stayed another 2 1/2 hours and broke with quite a few people up there. We gave up and went to customer service. They didn't want to refund our money. We made a complaint in the complaints book and a dream that was to have an unforgettable trip in one of the theme parks of my childhood was completely destroyed.
In addition to having several other attractions closed including also closed restaurants.

Worst of all, what safety will we have in getting on a toy like a roller coaster that breaks down all the time. Security with our zero lives. They are selling the tickets knowing this and not giving them back. I was with my boyfriend who has a disability and we were treated badly. Honestly absurd. We paid to stand in lines for 5 hours and left.
Fecha de incidencia: 15 de julio 2023
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