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Firefly - Scammed by

Sin resolución
Ane Ferreira
Ane Ferreira presentó la reclamación
7 de enero 2020
My husband booked car in Valencia for 5 days started from 19 th December 2019. He booked through Holidayauto and paid online. He bought damage insurance from AXA as well. We picked up the car at the airport. At the desk, it took few minutes to get the car as all amount and insurance were paid before through online. When the agent saw my insurance policy, she did not ask me to buy their insurance and even did not offer me any other insurance. She just took my credit card information and told my husband that was everything already paid.

We returned our car on 24th December in the airport. On 31th December, when He received his credit card statement, He noticed they charged him in €155,18 (Euros). He instantly contacted Holidayautos customer service and they found out that you charged him for insurance and advised him to contact Firefly. At the desk, even the agent did not tell him about their insurance or any other charge. But they charged him. He has not received their invoice or any explanation. This is totally absurd. This company is totally scam and they are being promoted by Holidayauto. He must say this is illicit business or activities. They cannot charge without discussing at the desk or beforehand. He will be happy to bring them to EU Court regarding their scam and illicit activities.

As you can note in the link below, there are more then 1700 complain against Firefly and the majority telling the same history that we pass. I beg you guys to investigate what they are doing.

I am in touch with other people that passed by the same problem for trying to make a join complain in EU against your company.

In 2017 this company were finned by abusive practices, as you can see below, but they are still doing the same:
Fecha de incidencia: 7 de enero 2020
Esta reclamación fue considerada como sin resolución
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