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Air Europa - Pir: miaux11641 - complaint about lost luggage over 72h - 96h

Sin resolución
Michelle Hewitt
Michelle Hewitt presentó la reclamación
5 de noviembre 2021
Flight from Europe to America with "lost luggage", only after 4 days (+/- 96h) the luggage was delivery.

Let me start by saying I was set for my wedding on 12 October with my family in America and due to not having my luggage (only delivered day 14.10) I wasn't able to be married with my wedding dress and wedding items.

The company caused so much stress by loosing my suitcase that it ruined my special day and should be compensated in the most financial way possible. The amount of calls I had to make will also come at a big cost as my phone is European and calling from America to Madrid will cost upward of a few hundred euro. Not to mention the stress of your sites lost luggage going down which would not allow us to even track the suitcase!

Bottom line, i made the formal complaint to AirEuropa and present all the documents (including the marriage certificate) and expenses that i had up to 350€. The best offer they made was a voucher of 100€ to discount in a future flight. This is unacceptable and offensive to me.

I expect to be completly reimbursed, in the next days, of all my expenses. This the minimun that i expect after all the problems and stress cause by the loss of the lugagge. I suffer from high blood pressure and all this situation caused impacts on my health and ruined my wedding.
Fecha de incidencia: 9 de octubre 2021
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